Areas of Practice

Real Estate: Our system of law derives from the English (“Common”) law which developed on an island.  To be sure, land was limited, and given the importance and scarcity of [read more]
Business Law
Business Law: The goal of my practice is “dispute avoidance.”  I characterize litigators as engaged in “dispute resolution” and I hope [read more]
employment Law
Employment Law: If a Client has a “work relationship” with another, the relationship might be considered one of employer/employee [read more]
Estate Planning
Estate Planning and Administration: There are many issues in life that fall within the general concept of estate planning.  Primarily, the work [read more]

Guardianships and Conservators: There are many different types of guardianships, but, as a general matter, the common characteristic is that the decision making [read more]

Pet Trusts:  Our animals are dependent upon us, no different from small children. The law and our legal traditions provide many ways to care for our children when we die or become [read more]


Non-Profit Corporations: A “non-profit” (also called a “not-for-profit”) corporation is a special type of legal entity that is generally used for charitable or religious organizations [read more]

Admitted to Practice Pennsylvania (1977) and New Jersey (1982)